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Specialist Oboe Repairs - Reedmaker

Instruments for Sale ________________________________________ Last Updated 23/12/17

Used Oboes:

         (To see an image of the oboe, click on its  icon) - more pictures to follow soon.

  •          BUESCHER - Plastic bodied, made by Selmer (same instument as Bundy). Good playing order, some cosmetic wear - £550
  •          BUNDY - excellent, plastic bodied, silver plated, thumbplate system, starter oboe - £600
  •          BUFFET ARTIST 4121 - A lovely wooden-bodied entry level oboe in very good condition - £650
  •  Linton - £800 LINTON - covered plate intermediate dual-system oboe in very good condition. Synthetic body - but you wouldn't know, either from the way it looks, feels or plays - £800
  •         LARILEE - Nice wooden intermediate oboe. USA made instrument of good quality and sound. Semi-automatic octaves and both trills - £900
  •         HOWARTH S2 - Recently serviced and in lovely condition. This is the model that gave Howarth their popularity with the professional world. A true thumbplate, ring-system oboe with semi-auto octaves - S O L D
  •         BUFFET 4151 - This intermediate oboe has the advantage of being both consevatoire and thumbplate, and has a left-hand 'F' key. Will be serviced prior to being offered for sale, - S O L D
  •         KREUL - a beautiful example of their thummplate, open-hole model. Kreuls were famous for their sound quality and 'extra' machansim as standard eg left hand C#. This one has got it all. Still used by some top players in major orchestras, this 1970's/80's oboe will make someone very happy at £1400
  •         HOWARTH S20 - The most successful intermediate oboe ever made . This one has just been serviced and looks and plays just as it should. From its serial number, I think its an early 90's instrument but hasn't had a lot of use  - S O L D
  •         HOWARTH S40c - This fine 'graduate' model is the ideal instrument for the semi-professional player, having virtually all the mechanism that you'd expect and very comfortable to play - S O L D
  •         CABART A74 - The graduate model made by Loree favoured by many for the clean, even tone and comfort in the hands. This one is no exception and will be a super instrument for someone of the standard of the higher grades. (Will be ready once serviced) - £2300
  •         HOWARTH S5 - A very lovely early example of this model. I am not allowed to describe the keywork as 'solid silver' as there are no assay marks............. - £2500
  •         MARIGAUX 901 - A mid 80's one in superb condition. Recent overhaul and some resilvering. This era of Marigaux is considered, by some players, to be their best - £3000
  •         PUCHNER 33E - Their professional model with thumbplate and side 3rd octave for the UK market. A beautifull sounding oboe in lovely condition. £3000            

Used Cors Anglais

  • LOUIS ARTIST - Italian made 'Gillet' system cor. Plays well but I need to service it first - S O L D


New Oboes:  

  •  I have excellent trading relations with the major supliers and makers. Most new instruments can be available within a few days. Please contact me with any requirements.